Do No Evil

They say change starts in your own backyard. It did for us. It started with a deeper look into the origins of our food, and it smelled like sauerkraut and had the taste of fresh maple syrup just boiled in the snow.

We saw a broken food system that was failing our health, our planet, and its inhabitants. So we took matters into our own hands and educated ourselves by growing all we could in the garden and learning all we could in the kitchen. With every scratch-made meal we gained more confidence that fueled our fire.

No Evil exists to empower people to make positive changes for themselves, the environment, and the welfare of animals through awesome food. We’re family founded, majority women-led, and purpose-powered, and we’re determined to bring people closer to the origins of their food while addressing issues like food insecurity, economic justice, and climate change.

Simply put, our mission is people, planet, and animals


Sure, No Evil Foods is hellbent on creating delicious Plant Meats. But our intention to “Do No Evil” extends beyond the kitchen to actually doing good every day. When we started No Evil Foods it wasn’t because we wanted to sell something, it was because we wanted to DO something. So we work hard to create valuable connections to inspire positive impacts.

Our Allies

Working with UpSkill WNC connects us with individuals who encounter barriers to a living wage job. We believe everyone deserves gainful employment and a second chance. Partnering with UpSkill WNC enables us to work with individuals who have been formerly incarcerated to become a part of a just solution.

In Buncombe County, nearly 40,000 food insecure members of our immediate community connect with Bounty & Soul at one of their five no-cost markets each week where they receive fresh, healthy food. In addition, B&S offers nutritional literacy and health and wellness resources. We’re proud to partner with them, supplying our perfectly edible, but not fit for sale Plant Meats for their markets.

As members of the PBFA, No Evil Foods aligns with other companies and policy makers looking to amplify the benefits of plant-based living to the public health arena. Have you caught on yet? It’s all connected.

Take Charge of Your Health

A Plant based diet can…
lower your risk of certain types of cancer,
lower weight and risk for diabetes,
decrease your risk of Alzeimer’s by 3x, and
reverse or prevent heart disease

Vegans and Vegetarians
live on average six to ten years longer than meat-eaters

Meat-eaters are twice as likely as vegetarians to develop Heart Disease


When you support No Evil Foods, you contribute to a better planet because you actively participate in a better food system. One purchase and (BAM!) you’ve reduced your impact on carbon emissions, water consumption, and land loss. Plus, you’ve supported animal welfare and your health simultaneously. Bad ass, huh?


Our core arsenal is wrapped in an unbleached kraft carton for a packaging material that is fully home compostable. You can toss it in the worm bin or compost heap just as easily as you can the recycling bin. And don’t forget to read the box, printed and sealed in plant-based ink and adhesives, for all the rad ways you do good when you purchase No Evil.

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Environmental Impact

Eat No Evil and reduce carbon emissions. Consuming less meat means less water consumption, less fossil fuels, and more land conservation. Plants win every time.

Planet-Focused Charities

Every day at the Axis, we conspire on ways to leave the planet better than we found it. And as long as we’re cranking out sustainable Plant Meats, we’re gonna be damn sure to show our support–––with our money, our participation, and our practices––– to organizations that align with our mother-loving ethos.

Plastic Negative Footprint

For every pound of plastic in our packages, we’re removing TWO pounds from natural ecosystems through our partnership with rePurpose Global! This is plastic that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into waterways and oceans. We’re proud to be the world’s first Certified Plastic Negative Plant Meat Company!

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The Climate Collaborative is a catalyst for big, bold change. So are we! We’ve joined fellow businesses in the natural foods world to commit to actionable solutions that lessen the effects of climate change.

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In 2017, our packaging received a NEXTY, an award that recognizes the most progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. We’re stoked to be striving for best practices and setting the bar for sustainability.

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At No Evil headquarters, we support the planet inside and out. From the native, pollinator friendly plants purposefully planted around our production facility to the organic ingredients we choose, and our composting program which benevolently returns food waste back to the land. It’s all connected.

Reduce Your Impact

1 calorie of animal protein requires 11 times as much fossil fuel as 1 calorie of plant protein

51% of global greenhouse gas emissions is due to live stock and their byproducts

Animal Agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon Rainforest destruction

45% of the Earth’s total land mass is occupied by agriculture and live stock

1.5 acres can produce 37,000 pounds of plant-based food but it can only produce 375 pounds of meat.

Waste from a farm
of 2,500 cows


is the same as


waste from a city
of 411,000 people

A plant-based diet

can cut your carbon footprint
by 50%

and reduce water consumption
by 3,700 gallons per day/per person


Everything is connected. Our efforts to do good in the world and change the way we feed ourselves extend to helping our animal friends.

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When we created the Pardon, our seasonal holiday roast, we decided to serve some real turkeys with a portion of each purchase. Our friends at Full Circle, a farm sanctuary that cares for farm animals that have endured abuse and neglect, introduced us to Xander, Eponine, and Pierre, the resident turkeys. Each year, we send a portion from each sale of the Pardon to help these birds thrive.

Brother Wolf is an animal shelter located in our hometown of Asheville. North Carolina. Over the years, we’ve partnered with Brother Wolf in ways that support their mission and allow us to give back to our local community. We developed Plant-Based Face-Off, an e-cookbook filled with plant-based recipes from local chefs. The cookbook is available for a sliding scale donation and all proceeds benefit our friends at Brother Wolf.

The Axis runs on Plant Meat (duh!), but our grind is powered by coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Our friends at Brewing Good Coffee keep us fueled at the homebase and 10% of all of our coffee purchases go straight to animal protection nonprofits because, well, our partners in caffeine are down for the cause too.

Take Animals Off The Plate

0: total number of animal products used in the entire No Evil Foods family of plant meats.

30: number of animal lives spared in one month through a vegan diet

7,000: the average number of animal an omnivore eats in their life. This break down

  • 11 cows
  • 27 Pigs
  • 2,400 chickens
  • 80 turkeys
  • 30 sheep
  • 4,500 fish

Calculate Your Own Impact

Find out the footprint of your daily actions and how we can do more good through choosing No Evil.

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