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Thinking small is not an option when you’re feeding the revolution. Order for a crowd and gather the masses for a meal made from our fundamental four––Comrade Cluck, The Stallion, El Zapatista, and Pit Boss. Mix a 6 pack or Variety 12 pack and fill your pantry while lessening the environmental cost. Win-win!


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To lessen our impact on the environment, we choose a “more is less” approach. When you shop our products in bulk, you reduce the environmental cost of shipping and make a better choice for this mutha we call Earth.

At No Evil Foods, we believe small actions lead to big impact and that means being proactive about our carbon footprint.
Shipments of our Plant Meat come cold packed in biodegradable boxes and insulated liners! 

Choose from our core arsenal––Comrade Cluck, The Stallion, El Zapatista, and Pit Boss

Did you know?

No Evil Foods uses kraft cartons for our Plant Meat packaging. It’s 100 percent recyclable & home compostable. Toss it in your compost or worm bin and, boom, you’ve closed the loop.



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Looking for The Pardon?

Due to seasonal availability, The Pardon is only available in the Fall.

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Pilgrims weren’t Puritans, but we are when it comes to our turkey. More Plant Meat, less fillings. Leave your sides on the side and carve out some space at the center of your plate for
the Pardon. Our seasonal roast is a feast of creative genius laden with herbaceous umami and ready to be carved. Plus, a portion of each purchase of the Pardon goes to Full Circle Sanctuary, where we support another year of life and care for resident turkeys Xander, Eponine, and Pierre.

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*We also encourage NEF tattoos, but that’s totally up to you.

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